About Me


I enjoy the freedom of painting, to create makes me happy.

Growing up in a family of artists and scientists shaped my outlook on life. My early experiences influence my work today.
I feel there are often contradictions to be found in life and it is these contradictions that inspire me.
Since I was a small child I have been drawing and painting. As I got older, I took various art classes and met all kinds of artists. Having friends in the music and film industries shaped my ideas about all kinds of art.
I find inspiration in Impressionism, Fauvism, also in fairy tales and music. Music plays an important role in my life and I like to collaborate with musician friends.
I also enjoy photography and use it to explore connections to painting.
My art often features narrative scenes of nature. The butterfly theme is important to me because it represents themes of strength and fragility.
Through my work I aim to communicate various emotions, sometimes I try to capture the ineffable.

It was Henri Matisse who said there are always flowers for those who want to see them, so why not just paint them!

Saskia Stapel